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Dr. Devi Gurung States

Dr. Devi Gurung States is the founder of the Himalayan Family Healthcare Project. The Himalayan Family Healthcare Project (HFHCP), a 503 (c-3) Nonprofit organization. Dr. Devi Gurung States grew up in Manang, Nepal. When his parents passed away at age 16, he moved to Kathmandu to seek a better life. Instead, he became homeless in Kathmandu because he was too young and could not find a job. He states, "I remember every day; I was knocking on doors and looking for food in garbage cans. Many days, I had nothing to eat. Many nights, I could not sleep because of fear of my safety and hunger".

After many months of his life struggles on the street of Kathmandu, he finally found a job as a dishwasher and busboy at K.C. restaurant in Kathmandu. While he was working at K.C. Restaurant, he developed two dreams. One was to own a restaurant, and the other was to help children and women who are poor and suffering as he was. He met Dr. James H. States, M.D, at K.C Restaurant. He had the opportunity to come to the United States once the Dr. States adopted him in Nepal following his ascent of Mt. Everest in 1983.

These struggles motivated him to help women and children who are poor and suffering as he was. He states," It is profoundly personal for me to help children and women. I cannot move forward without remembering where I came from and giving back to the best of my ability, knowledge, and heartfelt compassion. To complete my dream, I established the Himalayan Family Healthcare Project in 2010 to deliver primary healthcare services in remote areas of Nepal".

After graduating from Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, Washington, he earned his bachelor's degree from Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington. He completed his graduate education in social work and public health at Saint Louis University. He states, "As a graduate of Saint Louis University, I have been greatly inspired by the Jesuit philosophy and values." He also completed an advanced certificate in nonprofit management at Duke University. Dr. States lives in Saint Louis, Missouri, with his wife, Maya Gurung States, from South Korea.

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